About ‘Good in Chicago’

About ‘Good in Chicago’

Co-hosts RaShanah Baldwin & Brendan Greeley became colleagues during their days working side-by-side at WBBM Newsradio in Chicago.  RaShanah has since achieved great success as a journalist in radio at WVON & WKKC and beyond; on television on WTTW & FOXChicago; & in print at multiple outlets.  She created and continues to champion her hashtag #GoodinEnglewood – with the goal of highlighting positive aspects of a community that only makes headlines when something bad happens.  Few can match RaShanah’s enthusiasm as a community leader in Englewood and across the city.  Brendan made his mark in talk radio and podcasting at WCKG, WJMK, WLS, WIQI; as well as on The Steve Dahl Podcast Network + Matt & Brendan.  His goal is always to give a laugh to whomever might listen.  He’s a North Side resident in Bucktown.  

Building upon RaShanah’s Good in Englewood slogan, the two joined forces to expand on the idea and film ‘Good in Chicago’ – presenting the positive side of all 77 neighborhoods in our wonderful city.  You can also listen to the audio podcast on the chiPOD

 ‘Good in Chicago’ Executive Producer: Tony Lossano of OppihShows.com.

Cameraman: Chris Haskell


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